Our activities

The Agnelli Foundation carries out research and activities in different thematic areas and within a number of specific projects.

Its strong focus on education branches out into the following thematic areas:

  • School policies
  • Didactics
  • Teachers and principals
  • School evaluation and assessment
  • Equality and inclusion
  • University and innovation
  • Competencies

The Foundation is currently committed to various research programmes and projects, focusing on a range of interconnected subjects that include:

  1. Education outcomes in Italy, as compared to other EU and OECD countries
  2. Italian regional divides in school quality, equality and efficiency
  3. Teachers and principals’ training, hiring, professional standards, wages, and careers;
  4. New standards in school building and design (learning environments, ICT, safety, sustainable energy) – e.g. through the Torino fa scuola project
  5. The definition of what makes a competency in general, and of which competencies are really needed by students, citizens and workers
  6. Theoretical, political and practical grounds for establishing an Italian national system for school assessment and evaluation
  7. The observation of classes at work: empirical evidence on different everyday teaching and learning patterns
  8. Vocational schools in Italy and their impact on the labour market
  9. New patterns for including disabled and SEN students in regular schools
  10. Didactics, research and innovation capability of the Italian university
  11. Workshops and educational activities for students and teachers – e.g. within the Combo lab project
  12. Updated data made available to students and their families so they may assess and choose the upper secondary school in their area that best fits their educational needs, through the Eduscopio.it interactive website
  13. The advancement of applied economics research, through the Giovanni Agnelli Professorship established at the Bocconi University, Milan.

The Foundation is also active in projects dedicated to institutional initiatives (such as those carried out for its recent 50th anniversary).

Research by the Agnelli Foundation is published in reports and books made available to the public, and extensively summarized on the Italian version of the website.