A project to learn how to listen to music.

Livemotiv is a project for students and teachers from secondary schools throughout Italy, offering live workshops in the form of lesson-concerts with young instrumentalists.

Livemotiv is a multi-year project that started in autumn 2021. It is promoted by the De Sono music association and Fondazione Agnelli, to remember Gianluigi Gabetti – former honorary president of De Sono and a great music enthusiast, always supportive of young people’s musical education.

Livemotiv offers schools a 1.5-hour workshop in the form of a live concert-lesson, based on a specific teaching method and on the presence of groups of musicians and chorus ensembles, mainly former De Sono fellows.

Livemotiv showcases young musicians who are often only slightly older than the students they address, with whom they may share a common language, interests and passions, so they are able to communicate their journey in music more directly.

The musicians play and explain music, working on leading themes and offering students an experience of open dialogue to understand together how listening can enrich us.

In the video some images of the lecture held at the Liceo Vittorini in Grugliasco (TO)




The project was inaugurated with a special lesson-concert on 5 April 2022, in Turin: