Combo is a project for innovative didactics, designed for students and teachers in Turin and Piedmont (but open to schools all over Italy).


Fondazione Agnelli launched its Combo educational workshop in 2017, making space for this new endeavour at its renewed headquarters at Via Giacosa 38 in Turin.

Combo is a project for innovative didactics, initially designed for students and teachers in Turin and Piedmont (but now open to schools all over Italy), carried out with various partners and in collaboration with the Piedmont Regional Education Office.

Every year, Combo welcomes approximately 180 classes from primary, junior secondary and secondary schools (approx. 3,000 students and 300 teachers). In October 2019, Combo was also visited by ErasmusPlus students from 5 European countries.

In the morning, Combo holds a wide range of workshops dedicated to innovative didactics for primary, junior secondary and secondary education. All activities at Combo are free.

For the 2019-2020 school year, Combo is offering 3 didactics workshops focussed on maths using robotics, in collaboration with industrial automation multinational Comau and its e.Do educational robots.

The 3 workshops are designed to highlight topics that specifically tie in with the study curricula of primary, junior secondary and secondary schools. They are not simply workshops “about robotics”: they actually use robotics as a technological lever to foster a new, original and engaging way to learn about the subjects students tackle at school. The workshops also strengthen cross-disciplinary skills such as effective teamwork and problem solving: with each session, participants face concrete challenges – which for older students can entail simulating work experiences.

Students control the robots and use them to solve the suggested real problems, applying and revising what they have learned in school and developing their ability to cooperate. Each workshop was designed within a modular framework in order to adjust to different classes’ knowledge and skill level, and even to different specialisations in the case of secondary schools. Upon registration, classes may select the English language option to ask that part of the experience be conducted according to the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) method.

Furthermore, Combo also offers an innovative didactics workshop focussed on English as a foreign language, in collaboration with WINS – World International Schools.

Finally, in the afternoon Combo schedules free training courses for teachers working at all school levels.