Fondazione Agnelli carries out research and activities in different thematic areas and within a number of specific projects.


School policies

School evaluation and assessment


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  • School policies, Didactics

    The new Report on School Building and Learning Spaces

    Fondazione Agnelli’s Report on School Building and Learning Spaces offers policy recommendations for the urgent work that must be carried out in Italian school buildings in the next few years.

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  • Didactics, Teachers and principals, Institutional activities

    The Science Gateway at CERN

    The Science Gateway at CERN is a new facility for scientific education and outreach in Geneva, a hub of scientific education and culture to inspire younger generations.

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  • School policies, School evaluation and assessment, Competencies Find your secondary school

    The free online portal where Italian students and their families can find which secondary schools in their area provide the best preparation for university and the workplace.

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  • School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    An innovative school through which Fondazione Agnelli and many other important partners help university students develop entrepreneurial skills.

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