The Agnelli Foundation is taking the field together with College Life Italia, and creating MY KICKOFF IN USA, a project that offers the possibility of a full scholarship to an American college to boys and girls residing in Italy, play football at a competitive level, and come from families that would not have the resources for such an educational investment.

The Agnelli Foundation wants to support boys and girls who are high quality athletes in football and at the same time deserving students in terms of motivation and scholastic results, whose families do not have sufficient economic capacity for the investment required for an entire course of study in the USA.

The socio-economic situation of the applicant’s family is therefore a decisive requirement for obtaining the scholarship.

Selected applicants will receive a scholarship to cover the difference between the scholarship provided by the American college for sporting merit and the total amount required for enrolment, attendance and maintenance for the duration of the four-year university course.

The project was presented on 25 October 2023 in Milan, at the Lega Serie A headquarters, with the participation of Giorgio Chiellini and Regina Baresi

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