Interventions carried out in the period of the health emergency, from the closure of the schools to the return to the classroom.

The Agnelli Foundation – often collaborating with other partners – has tried to give concrete help to schools and to the national and local community. We have dedicated resources to new projects aimed, first and foremost, at students in most difficult situations and a safe school reopening. We were also present in the public dialogue with analyses and suggestions on media and social networks.


  • Oltre Le Distanze

Ideas and good practices to ensure students with diabilities were not “left behind” during lockdown. 9 webinars, 79 workshops, 45,000 teachers. With Gedi, Google and 3 universities (UniBZ, UniTN and Lumsa).


  • Arcipelago educativo

12 weeks of summer activities, online and in person, to support learning and boost motivation in vulnerable students. With Save the Children, 16 “islands” in 6 cities engaged 450 boys and girls.


  • Spazio alla Scuola

An online, free platform to help school principals optimize spaces and plan entrance flows, to prepare a safe return to the classroom. With PoliMi and UniTo.


  • Fare Spazio

A tool to pinpoint and adapt new spaces in schools. With PoliTo’s FULL, the analysis of 3,200 buildings led to 14 projects and 7 low-cost, ‘light construction’ solutions.


  • Resto a Scuola

Remote learning support during the first phase of the emergency. With Fondazione Specchio dei Tempi and La Stampa, lessons via for students and groups of students from Piedmontese schools.


  • Solidarity Airlift

Medical material, respirators and PPE, flown from Italy to China for the Covid-19 emergency. With China-Italy Philanthropy Forum, ToChina Hub Torino, the Italian Embassy in Beijing and other non-profits.