A digital tool for teachers’ professional growth. Sharing teaching methods and fostering peer-to-peer dialogue to bring out widespread innovation.

Parallel Education was born with the ambition of creating a platform where widespread innovation could emerge from peer-to-peer dialogue between teachers, be validated and aggregated, and finally be returned to all Italian teachers based on their individual needs and on actual usefulness, responding to the specific educational challenges being tackled. It is an easy-to-use platform, completely free to access, that integrates various tools (didactic diaries, method tags, parallel learning tests) and which, through an advanced analysis of numerical and textual data and the use of machine learning algorithms, is able to offer immediate, timely and personalised feedback to any user.

Parallel Education represents an opportunity for teachers’ professional development because, in addition to accessing concrete opportunities to improve their teaching, users will also be awarded training credits certified by Indire commensurate with their commitment. At the same time, the platform offers a valid exercise opportunity for students who, by taking the parallel tests, will have immediate feedback on their level of preparation and on the aspects they need to improve.

The platform was created together with teachers and with support from Google.

Indire (Italy’s National Institute of Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research) partnered with the project to certify teachers’ training credits.

Visit the website: paralleleducation.it