A festival created and produced by high school girls and boys, Controcorrente/Controcultura is a participatory project. The festival was promoted and curated by Pinacoteca Agnelli and Agnelli Foundation at the Pista 500.

The project aimed to empower students from two secondary schools of Turin in the Lingotto area (IIS Copernico Luxemburg and IIS Giolitti) to take an active role in the entire process. It aims to use art as a means of engaging in dialogue about contemporary issues and to promote active citizenship as a means of fostering social inclusion. The organization lasted for a few months, from the generation of the initial idea and planning to the realization and concrete management of the final event. The process was done together with their teachers and with the support of Pinacoteca Agnelli and Agnelli Foundation.

The girls and boys involved have created a one day festival that reflects their desire to act and make their voices heard. This was achieved through learning about the artistic heritage of Pinacoteca Agnelli, specifically the works on Pista 500, and the architecture of the Lingotto. The event includes discussions with experienced professionals from national and international festivals and engaging in educational activities designed to encourage dialogue.

The Pista 500, historically used by the FIAT factory for testing cars, now features a contemporary art park in a stunning hanging garden 28 meters high. On May 18, Pista 500 came alive in an unprecedented way with a diverse cultural and entertainment program created by two classes from the IIS Copernico Luxemburg and the IIS Giolitti. The program was designed to be site-specific, meaning that it integrated coherently with the spaces and context of Pista 500 where it was hosted.

On that day, there was a diverse program featuring music, talks, performances, stand-up comedy, and debates, all centered around the theme of Controcorrente/Controcultura. The lineup included singer Beba, Turin comedian Davide D’Urso, Daniele Roselli of Calciatori Brutti with Lisa Offside, Fabrizio Biasibetti of Commenti Memorabili, and Lucia Caretti of La Stampa. The evening concluded with a lively DJ set by Frizzmusic and DJoy.

In collaboration with: IIS Copernico Luxemburg, IIS Giolitti of Turin, and the Regional School Office for Piedmont.