The Science Gateway at CERN is a new facility for scientific education and outreach in Geneva, a hub of scientific education and culture to inspire younger generations.

The Science Gateway is CERN new facility dedicated to learning and disseminating scientific knowledge, an educational and cultural centre capable of inspiring and engaging new generations through the fascination of the world of science. Designed for audiences of all ages, the Science Gateway offers stimulating exhibition areas, educational workshops where children and students from primary to high school can experiment, and a large amphitheatre to host events for both experts and the general public. The new centre (opening on 7 October 2023) will host up to 500,000 visitors a year from all over the world. Access to the Science Gateway is free of charge and the centre will be open to the public six days a week, Tuesday to Sunday.

The facility was designed by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, an internationally renowned architectural firm. The project is funded by external donations, with FCA Foundation, the charitable arm of Stellantis, as the largest donor (with a contribution of CHF 45 million), as part of its CSR programmes and to honour the memory of Sergio Marchionne.

As part of the Science Gateway, the Agnelli Foundation is collaborating on HOP Hands-On Physics, a project for educational innovation in STEM subjects conceived, implemented and promoted by CERN, the Agnelli Foundation, and INFN, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, with the financial support of Intesa San Paolo and the Stellantis Foundation, the philanthropic body of Stellantis.

Thanks to its didactic and experimental kit and specific training courses for teachers, HOP aims to promote early learning of the scientific method, science and, in particular, physics, with an eye to its contemporary developments and challenges, in as many secondary schools in Italy as possible.