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CERN and Fondazione Agnelli are looking for a collaborator for an important project in the field of didactics innovation for junior secondary schools in Italy

Within CERN’s Science Gateway project, the Geneva institution and Fondazione Agnelli have started a multiple-year scientific collaboration to carry out an innovative programme to spread scientific culture and the scientific method (with a special focus on physics), destined to teachers and students in junior secondary schools across Italy.

Embracing an inquiry-based learning method, rooted in direct observations and problem solving, the programme aims first and foremost to train junior secondary school teachers to conduct experimental educational modules for the understanding of phenomena studied in physics, providing them with custom kits that include all the materials and instructions required to carry out such activities in the classroom during the school year. Then, participating classes will be invited to enter a scientific education contest, for a chance to win a 2-3 day visit to the Science Gateway and CERN in Geneva.

For the first phase in the project, the “pilot” phase scheduled for academic year 2020-2021, CERN and Fondazione Agnelli are looking for a collaborator who is interested in working on the project and meets the requirements detailed in the job description on CERN’s website.