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Improvement and adaptation to accessibility standards made possible by collaboration with Fondazione LIA 

Fondazione Agnelli promotes and carries out research and analysis in the field of education, with interdisciplinary, modern, and rigorous methodologies along with experimental educational projects for and with schools of all levels. It cares about the improvement of public education in its three fundamental dimensions: equality, effectiveness, and efficiency. In this context, our aspiration is to make our website and most of its content usable to as many people as possible, allowing access to it also to blind, visually impaired, and dyslexic people.


The collaboration with Fondazione LIA

In 2022, we started a collaboration with Fondazione LIA – Libri Italiani Accessibili so that it could support us in the work of improving the accessibility of Fondazione Agnelli’s official website and Social Report, in order to make them accessible and usable for a wide range of users, including people with disabilities who use assistive technologies.

Fondazione LIA, established in 2014 by the Italian Publishers Association and the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired to make digital content accessible to all potential readers, plays a leading role internationally in the context of accessibility. It is a member of W3C, EDRLab, DAISY Consortium and ISO, and actively participates in the most important international working groups for the definition of accessibility standards.


The project and the achieved results 

As a first step of the collaboration, we worked to adjust the accessibility standards of the digital publications of our Social Report. The document, certified by LIA, was realized considering the needs of blind people in order to be read and navigated through the use of assistive technologies. It is available and downloadable on the dedicated page of the website:

In addition, Fondazione LIA’s team of experts in accessible publishing and assistive technologies has assisted the programmers and developers of Fondazione Agnelli’s website to enable its gradual adaptation to the technical requirements of the international guidelines on web content accessibility (WCAG, level AA).

The undertaken project and the process of adaptation to the standards are still ongoing. We deemed it useful to gather in an accessibility statement the results achieved so far and to provide guidance for users on those aspects that are still in the works and not fully in line with the standards. The statement is available on our website on a page that will be constantly updated as further changes are made: