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Generating 9 million euros of added value

Fondazione Agnelli published its 2019 Social Report today, making it available also in a new digital and interactive format.

In 2019, Fondazione Agnelli generated and distributed 9.036 million euros of added value to its main stakeholders (the world of education; local communities including schools, universities, local administrations and innovation networks; and social solidarity organisations). This total can be divided into three main areas: 716,000 euros were destined to research programmes focused on the school and university system; 7.9 million euros went to projects that support education; and finally, 433,000 euros were distributed through initiatives of social solidarity.

“To us, social reporting is not just a tool for transparency and accountability”, Fondazione Agnelli’s Chairman, John Elkann wrote in his opening letter. “It is, first and foremost, a way for us to communicate with our stakeholders and to understand how our work may become even more useful for Italy’s society.”

The 2019 edition of the Social Report also includes a focus on the projects the foundation launched to face the Covid-19 emergency, during the lockdown phase in Italy and in recent months, to help schools and students in more at-risk situations.


Read the 2019 Social Report in digital format here