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A project by Fondazione Intercultura, Fondazione Agnelli and other partners, offering opportunities to study abroad to students enrolled in technical and vocational institutes in Campania, Lombardy and Piedmont

13 scholarships for a trimester abroad with Intercultura were assigned, during an event held by UniCredit, to 13 students from technical and vocational schools in Campania, Lombardy and Piedmont. From early September to late November 2022, these winners will have the opportunity to live an educational experience of high personal, cultural and professional value abroad, thanks to a partnership between Fondazione Agnelli, Fondazione Cav. Lav. Pesenti, UniCredit Foundation and Fondazione Intercultura, who cooperated for the first edition of the “A Scuola in Europa” project.

The initiative represents an important educational opportunity for the future of these youths, to prepare for life in an increasingly globalised world and to learn how to interact with different cultures. They will leave in the beginning of September for 3 months in Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Switzerland, where they will be welcomed by selected families and attend a local school, under the careful eye of a group of volunteers. Intercultura will certify the competencies participating students will acquire at every stage of the programme.

Andrea Gavosto, Director of Fondazione Agnelli, commented, “This is an important and innovative project, because it not only offers deserving students the chance to live a high-level educational and personal experience abroad, but also contributes to promote the central role in Italy of technical and vocational schools, which are at the heart of the reforms envisaged by the NRRP. The considerable presence of female students among the winning candidates is particularly meaningful.”

The complete press release is attached (in Italian).