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Projects that foster transparency are celebrated in Rome

Fondazione Agnelli’s Eduscopio portal has won a Wind Transparency Award in the Services category.

The award was accepted in Rome, on 18 March, by Martino Bernardi and Gianfranco De Simone, the Foundation’s professionals behind the design, research and hard work that allowed Eduscopio to be developed by communication agency Dunter and see the light.

As the award motivation states, Eduscopio “answers the main need of Italian families with children who are about to enrol in a secondary school: to choose a high-quality school. Eduscopio allows them to compare schools based on their ability to prepare students for further studies at university. Users can perform specific searches depending on the curriculum they are interested in and on where they live. The service is completely free and, by processing data provided by the public administration, is an example of how open data philosophy can be applied”.

The Wind Transparency Awards, promoted by Italian telecom operator Wind, were assigned after careful evaluation conducted by a dedicated Scientific Committee (Enrico Giovannini, President of the Committee, Professor of Economic Statistics at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”; Frieda Brioschi, digital communication consultant; Derrick De Kerckhove, Professor of Digital Culture Sociology at the University of Naples “Federico II”; Enrico Fontana, journalist; and Salvatore Giuliano, school principal who invented and coordinates the Book in Progress project), but online users could also contribute their opinions and reviews.

As Wind’s CEO Maximo Ibarra stated, “Today, it is important to support and promote the value of transparency in Italy. The opportunity to create a more open, modern and most importantly ‘responsible’ country is at stake. The Transparency Awards we assign today are meant to reward initiatives that have improved transparency for citizens and clients online, favouring efficiency, engagement and respect for the rules”.