Vai al contenuto principale is the web portal that helps families and students choose the secondary school that’s best for them

The new, 2023 edition of by Fondazione Agnelli is now online, with updated data on the secondary schools that best prepare students for university or employment after graduation.

The portal – which launched in 2014 and has always been free to access – aims to help students and their families choose the best education path after junior secondary school. Throughout the years, approximately 2.8 million unique users have visited, viewing over 13.3 million pages – statistics that prove how families and schools appreciate this resource. allows students to compare different schools with the specialisation they are interested in and in the area where they live, based on how well they prepare their graduates for university or for employment.

This is the tenth year in which we have produced Eduscopio,” recalled the director of the Agnelli Foundation, Andrea Gavosto, “and year after year the portal confirms itself as a useful tool for boys and girls to make a more informed choice of further studies. To tell the truth, a resource such as Eduscopio should come after a three-year period in middle school that is very focused on orientation, with educational activities dedicated to bringing out students’ interests and inclinations. We know that this is not always the case and often the school’s guidance council merely ratifies academic performance rather than helping students choose the course of study best suited to their qualities. It is for this reason that the Agnelli Foundation is now offering secondary schools the free Futuri ( platform, created in collaboration with the De Agostini Foundation, where guidance activities for the three years can be found, thus helping teachers to define the final advice. At that point, the informed choice of the individual school using Eduscopio also becomes a natural consequence‘.

For the new edition of, the working group coordinated by Martino Bernardi analysed data regarding 1,326,000 Italian graduates from 7,850 schools in three consecutive academic years (2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020).