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A new initiative by Save the Children and Fondazione Agnelli. With Exor’s support, we will reach 1,700 students in 5 cities

After this summer’s first edition, during these difficult months of the school year the Arcipelago Educativo project continues to support students who are more fragile and at a higher risk of early school leaving.

The new edition is promoted by Save the Children and Fondazione Agnelli, with support from Exor.

In 5 cities (Turin, Milan, Aprilia, Bari and Reggio Calabria), 1,700 primary and junior secondary school students will receive help to make up for learning losses. Distributed Educational Centres will host workshops, tutoring sessions, teacher training courses and initiatives to support families, focusing on children who risk being “left behind” at school. The activities will be held in person and online, in collaboration with 47 schools in the 5 cities.

“School and education are at the heart of the social endeavours supported by Exor and the companies in the group. In a year marked by so many difficulties, we have decided to support students – starting from those more exposed to risks that can hinder their progress in school”, the Chairman and CEO of Exor, John Elkann stated. “Thanks to Save the Children and Fondazione Agnelli, we can help them build a more effective study method and strengthen their learning. We also support families, and especially those that struggle the most to help their children study, by helping them feel engaged and start a dialogue with schools.”

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