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#restoascuola, even from home.
Fondazione Agnelli, Fondazione La Stampa – Specchio dei Tempi and daily newspaper La Stampa join forces during the COVID-19 emergency to support schools and their most at-risk students.
Online today, on La Stampa’s portal.

Families and teachers are understandably worried by schools closing due to the COVID-19 emergency. Lessons may not resume for a long time, and not being able to guarantee students a chance to make up for missed classes is a real risk. Many demand “remote teaching” and want to use one of the many dedicated platforms and resources available, which indeed are often high-quality solutions. But what is the goal?

According to educational research, long periods away from school – such as the summer holidays – can determine a “learning loss”. So, to be realistic about the important goals we pursue, during these first weeks of emergency we should focus on retaining acquired knowledge – contrasting the loss that might affect especially students with shakier academic achievements and from families with fewer resources.

To help schools, students and teachers, in Turin and Piedmont in particular, Fondazione Agnelli, Fondazione La Stampa – Specchio dei Tempi and daily newspaper La Stampa have launched:

#restoascuola. No step back away from the classroom

online from Monday, 9 March on La Stampa’s portal.

The project is designed with junior secondary and secondary schools in mind, to favour the consolidation of what students have learned so far. It is meant to promote remote activities offered by their teachers, or by selected tutors from the platform, one of the most interesting for remote teaching.

The project includes two separate, completely free resources.

  1. Remote teaching for small groups, carried out by schoolteachers. 
  2. 100 hours of consolidation lessons for 100 schools in Turin and Piedmont, designed for the students that need them the most – selected by the schools – and carried out by certified tutors from the Schoolr platform.

During the registration and setup phases, schools can count on the free support of Fondazione Agnelli’s dedicated help desk.

Is your school interested?

Visit La Stampa’s #restoascuola now